Social Media Trends – Should They Stay Or Should They Go?

I’m more of a hip hop girl at heart but this title has me humming The Clash.

So, on to what I came here to discuss. Social media ‘trends’. What are they actually? In my humble opinion, I consider a trend something within the ‘popular’ category that has stuck around long enough, but not quite long enough to be on that same level as the words: ‘classic, traditional or textbook’.

Today, I’m going to nitpick at a couple of long term trends I’ve seen hanging around on Instagram and predict their longevity or demise.

The Social Media Stars: STAY
At the age of 14 or 15, I was super model crazy. I thought they were the bee’s knees and had access to them only through traditional media aka Russh Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue. Fast forward 7 years and I’d like to consider myself a ‘love myself before anyone else’ type but still find inspiration here and there. I, like so many others, source images of inspiration through social media. I follow at least 100 accounts on Instagram related to fitness, and the same goes for makeup. Now, the reason I can confidently say that models, or socialites, or fitness fanatics will remain popular on Instagram rather than magazines, is due to the fact that social media continues to grow, while traditional mediums are beginning to dwindle.

The Hashtag: STAY
This was a tough call to make. Even though Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and all those social media platforms that rely heavily on hashtags for convenience have ‘permanent’ written all over them; there is still a chance the next Mark Zuckerberg will whip up a new social media platform. However, the pure convenience and usefulness of hashtags has led me to believe that if, and when a new social media platform is birthed, hashtags will be a part of it.

The ‘Skinny’ Tea Endorsement: GO
The fitness craze that has come over so many like a rash is very evident on social media. Inevitably, the social media stars I mentioned earlier on have picked up on the fact that if you endorse a detox tea, you will get paid (Most of the time, maybe not all the time). But the truth of the reality is, after tea, will come another crazy quick-fix that will claim to help you shed weight in a matter of days.

The Kim Kardashian Effect: GO
The ring leader of the K’s.

Whether you’re pro or against the Kardashians, you have to admit they have a LOT of power. An item of clothing worn by Kim on social media will consequently sell out in a matter of seconds. Their reign however is not forever, and all good things.. (0r mediocre things in some opinions) come to an end.



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