YouTube = Profit?

Google describes profit as financial gain or benefit.

YouTube is a forever growing platform that, over the course of the past few years has become a career pathway for some as well. Whether you’re looking for financial gain or want to broaden your business’s presence on social media via YouTube, creating an YouTube channel will undoubtedly point you in the direction of your goal.

The majority of YouTube videos never reach past a hundred views. Which begs the question, what sets apart a successful YouTube video from the rest?

This post is an analysis of recommended YouTube guidelines (I learnt during my subject of Social Media Tactics) for running a successful channel and a comparison between these guidelines and the popular YouTube channel ‘AprilJustinTv’ who may or may not be following these guidelines.


1. Keep Videos Short
2. Show Your Business Face – ‘weave a backstory into your videos, so your viewers build a relationship with a human.’
3. Push People To Your Website
4. Promote Your Customers – testimonials from customers, happy customers, etc.
5. Have A Call To Action
6. Manage Feedback
7. Utilise Paid Views

AprilJustinTV is a family of vloggers that released their first video two years ago. April and Justin have managed to create a reputable enough name for themselves to be paid as full time vloggers. Through their YouTube channel, April and Justin have launched several businesses and advertised them within their daily videos and turned over a profit on top of the profit they make already through their daily videos. Unlike the short video guideline, AprilJustinTV’s vlogs run far longer than a couple of minutes. Although AprilJustinTV vlogs don’t abide by this recommendation, the couple are appealing to a particular niche market: families. The record of their day to day lives which at times contain trivial events like cleaning the household or going grocery shopping sparks popularity among their target audience.

In terms of showing your business face, April and Justin had no qualms in integrating their business ventures into their daily videos. The couple built their online relationship with their subscribers over a year and slowly but surely mentioned their business ventures in a non-invasive way. A perfect example of this would be the launch of April and Justin’s homeware label ‘Saturday Sunshine,’ where April wears the aprons she designed in the kitchen and lets her subscribers know that they’re available to everyone on their site.

April and Justin take a unique approach in maintaining a good relationship with their ‘customers’. At the end of roughly 50% of their videos, they post videos sent to them by subscribers to highlight their audience for a few minutes.

Having a call to action doesn’t particularly apply to AprilJustinTV since the duo represent their business in a very informal, casual manner. The times they choose to mention their business ventures are sporadic and random, which is what makes it so effective. An ideal example of this is when the couple is cooking dinner and will randomly mention that they are cooking in conjunction with the brand ‘Blue Apron’ who sends versatile and delicious recipes to them. The randomness of April and Justin’s discussions about their collaborations with brands makes their business proposals to their subscribers genuine.


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