Insta Experience

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The big bad world of Instagram didn’t seem so scary until I delved into the business side of things that come along with it.

When you’re simply chronicling what I like to call ‘irrelevancies’; your daily coffee, the new restaurant you’ve tried and tested, your #OOTD (outfit of the day), your pet: people tend not to fuss about whether or not your opinions are accurate. When business comes into the equation, people begin to become a tad more vocal, and you find yourself subject to criticism, or tackling the doubt of whether your post is ‘good enough’.

I created the Instagram account @megkae in May of 2015 to showcase my two passions: makeup and fitness. Being a self taught makeup artist and having qualifications in health that are recognised mainly in the United States has opened me to a vulnerability that is on display to whoever comes across my page.

In these three months I have experienced internet trolls and haters that have opened my eyes to the lack of control businesses encounter on their social media platforms. Some professionals tend to ignore haters, whereas some pre-formulate a formal response that can tackle any kind of comment. Below are examples of hate I have experienced through Instagram, followed by hate towards a well known Instagram page.

Screenshot (16)11800267_10204856030587629_5436163417712828594_n

Kat Von D is a reputable tattoo artist, model, musician and television personality. The comments shown aobe are in opposition of her comments comparing the killing of Cecil the lion to non-vegans who consume meat.

Huge Australian corporations among the likes of Coles and Holden are likely to have a team of ‘choice makers; to handle situations similar to this. But in the case of Kat Von D, her hugely popular professional and personal Instagram is bombarded with hate on a daily basis.

The question at hand is: do you ignore the comments altogether? Respond to them personally and risk losing face? Or reply with a standard response that takes away from your relationship with your followers and sticks you in the same bandwagon as big name brands?

The examples I’ve given resulted in retaliation of some sort. I made a smart comment back to one of my haters, while Kat Von D made another public Instagram post that can be seen here a few days later. Between these scenarios, I have to hand in to @thekatvond. She handled the situation maturely and gracefully with a touch of blunt honesty too.


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