How do you rate your business Facebook page?

Technology has become second nature to us.

If you’re building towards a business that you want to be relevant and to stand the test of time, you need to pay attention to detail in every aspect of the business; including its Facebook page.

Longevity for your business goes hand in hand with dedication. And keeping dedicated to your Facebook page will guarantee a page with active engagement from your viewers, rather than a bunch of technological tumbleweeds rolling around your profile.

Instead of solely focusing on the promotion or pushing of your business/products; put this idea on the backseat for a second and consider other methods of engagement.

An engaging business Facebook page is comprised of but not limited to the following key elements. If you can confidently say you have these elements on your Facebook, you can give your page a nice, high rating!

1. Unrelated posts

Strange maybe, but presenting your readers with completely unrelated imagery, videos and texts to your actual business has seen a positive influence over the engagement of many Facebook business pages. Whether your niche is animal videos, or direct links to worldwide news, or sports.

Obviously, the type of business will play a big role in the genre of your unrelated posts. Example: a local law practice may choose to post funny situations that would result in the need for a lawyer. The business wouldn’t add the text ‘use our business for this type of situation’ in a society where people sniff out product (business) placements and run the other way but rather put it up their simply to engage and entertain with a more subtle caption such as: Maybe this guy thinks he needs a lawyer?!.

Maybe this guy thinks he needs a lawyer?!

2. Regularity
Post often enough, and at the right times. Simple.

3. A chunk of business related stuff
So you don’t want to bombard your customers with post after post of promotions and descriptions of why you guys are the best of the best, but.. you do want to do these things in moderation. Remind your readers what you’re about and the the opportunity to extend your benefits and promotions over social media for the world to see.

4. Good visuals
It can be assumed that along with a Facebook page, you may also be running a Twitter, a homepage or an Instagram? Or perhaps a Pinterest as well? Aim to maintain a flow that allows each of your social media platforms to interrelate. If your logo is blue, then each platform should display the same blue logo. If you have a mission statement, keep that statement on each platform.

Pick the visual element that is best for your platform. Videos and images should frequent your Facebook page, whereas Twitter should be text rich with hints of imagery where fellow Tweeters click through to. Bear in mind that when scrolling through an Instagram feed, your picture takes up the whole tiny mobile screen and therefore needs to make a statement. Take the time to properly edit your Instagram photos by learning simple tools of the trade: adjusting brightness and contrast, removing red eye, focusing the camera on the main subject, so on and so forth.


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