Do’s and Dont’s on Instagram for Business

Before the use of Instagram as an advertising platform, it was designed solely as an online sharing tool, a mecca of visual stimulants being pictures, and for a momentary time; you wouldn’t have been able to find someone selling a product on Instagram.


Although a driving element of Instagram is to be social, society has begun to recognize this medium as a relentlessly effective advertising and business platform. Below, you will find a list of do’s and dont’s for Instagram for business. Follow these guidelines and you’ll increase your chances of smoothly and successfully running a business page on Insta.

1. First things first, you need to be taken seriously. Although this isn’t your website or homepage, there is no time for poor grammar or incorrect spelling. (Save that for your personal account ;)) A little goes a long way, and taking the time to spell things correctly and post grammatically correct will be noticed and recognized.

An example of a grammatically correct Instagram caption:

‘Good morning IG! We are over-the-top obsessed with denim on denim for the oncoming of Spring here at “fashion label’ headquarters! Click through the link in our bio to shop our staff’s most loved denim picks.’

An example of a grammatically incorrect Instagram caption:
‘Good morningg. We love stripes and your gonna love them to when you guys see the new denim jeans and shorts up on our site !’

Straightforward right?

2. The use of Instagram for business is subject to uncontrolled communication and advertising and ultimately suggests that there is always a chance of haters and internet trolls. As tempted as you may be to lash back at your hater for being an ignorant prick, you must, I repeat, must control yourself in this sticky situation.

Below you will find a colorfully worded response from Chris Brown to an avid hater of his. He may be standing up for himself, but at the end of the day, Brown isn’t doing much for his image or reputation in a positive manner.

3. Quality OVER Quantity –

Take this guideline with a grain of salt. Although you should aim to post quality, in depth photos; Instagram is still a fast paced platform that requires constant attention. Your business should aim to post at least one Instagram post each day. As your page gains more traction in popularity and followers, aim for 1 – 3 posts per day. It’s tough work so I suggest drafting up posts you can quickly load up on a rainy day when other errands need attention. If each and every one of your posts shows obvious attention to detail and dedication to presenting relevant and interesting information, it will pay off.

The beauty of Instagram is that unlike Facebook, once you post a picture, it shows up at the top of your follower’s feeds. For this reason, you should make a note of posting pictures at peak scrolling times. And by this, I mean don’t go and post something at 2am when your target audience is fast asleep! Plenty of public relations specialists suggest posting social media related posts between 12 – 3pm.


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