Canva for Business!

With 50 custom dimensions to choose from; Canva is your business’ one stop shop for all things visual. From business cards, to Facebook cover photos, to Pinterest graphics; Canva stocks a wide variety of designs that are suited to any business’s visual needs.

Frequently using visuals throughout your business’s social media platforms will keep your followers engaged, full stop.

When 90% of information transmitted through the brain is visual, you can’t not agree that imagery and videos are where it’s at. The options available through are endless and can come in handy when you least expect it! Only a week ago, I was presenting a campaign on the subject of HIV for my advertising subject. My group and I came up with the idea of supplying festival goers postcards they could fill out and send to friends and loved ones. The front cover image (that I created through Canva) of the post card would have a phrase or saying related to HIV; filling our brief. Endless options, really.

Below, you will find a bunch of business savvy ideas that go hand in hand with a membership with Canva. You will find an array of examples catered to particular selling points of businesses and how to sell them ingeniously. (P.s: for a tiny fee you can remove the Canva watermark too)

Happy Notes

Imagine you are a wedding coordinator who has just sealed the deal with a couple who has chosen to work with you to plan their own moment to seal the deal.  Beginning or ending an email with a thank you image rather than typed text is a simple detail that will beautify your message for your brand new clients. A small detail they will appreciate.


Set a few minutes aside to create an eye catching Instagram picture to advertise a sale or promotion for your online boutique! This Canva design can apply to a multitude of businesses. The beauty of it is that there are so many different font styles, colors and images readily available that it’d be hard not to create a unique Canva design.

Showcase a new recipe you’ve created on Facebook with a poster. Include a link as well  and amp up the reach of your audience on your website or blog. I don’t know about you but by simply including an image of the ‘homemade dark choc gelato’, it has made this poster a whole heap more appealing to me. If you were to upload a poster each day/each week displaying a recipe with a picture of the dish, you can imagine how visually vibrant your Facebook page would become.

Health & Wellness Coach
Create a business card online that can be used throughout traditional and modern social media. Using the same design for permanent things such as a logo or business card on all platforms of media will be remembered by your customers.

Summer Cocktails

Send out visually enticing invitations for your business events! Combining images with text in your invitations is a simple method for drawing in attention for your online invites to avoid that click from the inbox to the trash box.


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