Happiness: my untold factor.

There is an element of disagreement and speculation that comes with my strongest belief in regards to healthiness and happiness that I’ve been studying. Which is that before ‘clean’ eating, before morning cardio, before regulating your protein intake and before your gym membership is the state of your happiness. I will never not condone that your health is directly linked to your happiness. No amount of disease curing, amazingness inducing superfood or supplement will be as powerfully beneficial to you when/if you are unhappy.

I now train less, I am less restrictive with my diet, I don’t mourn over trivialities that really won’t matter in the near future. Yet, my confidence and contentment rivals and even surpasses some of my greatest memories. (The more the better yes ?) Before diving head first into a 14 week detox, I truly truly believe the first course of action someone looking to improve their quality of health would be to improve their relationships, make a conscious effort to better their workplace, (where we spend so many hours) dedicate more time to discovering new and old pastimes, scope out what makes them happier and unhappier and address it.

Diets are not a long term solution. Eating so clean that your insides will sparkle with the gleam of a recently wiped down steel fridge will not fill the void you wilfully ignore. I am happy, and I have no urge to starve till it aches or to binge till I’m in mental and physical agony. I am welling up with emotions (typical) writing this because I know my happiness is because of a handful of people who have saved me from what could have carried on for decades.

I am awfully grateful for how much my health and happiness radiates thanks to a realisation.


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