How do you know if you’re an insomniac?

I definitely do not think a few restless nights can justify my self-diagnosis but boy does not feeling tired suck.

So I started watching Generation Iron, a documentary about the 2013 Mr Olympia comp.

And then all at once I remembered that I created this blog like, last year and meekly said hello to WordPress from around the corner, apologising profusely for neglecting what was supposed to be my official journal after 187 untouched journals.

Back to Generation Iron.
Although I’m only half an hour into it, my immediate take on the documentary was that it aimed to provide an insightful portrayal of the personalities of bodybuilders. Humans are so talented at judging a book by its cover. I have the disgusting habit of jumping to aesthetic conclusions until proven wrong. (Tangent: It really is wonderful though when I do get proven wrong. In 2010 or something I met S, one of my closest friends to this day but saw her as a clueless blonde chick. She’s so bloody smart)

Without confusing the hell out of myself or readers with alter ego body builder names like Quadrasaurus, each bodybuilder in my opinion was significantly different. One guy was a total family man, older and a total simpleton. I could honestly relate another guy to some kind of philosopher, every second sentence was a mantra you’d find in black and white on instagram. They all had a whole heap of distinctive, lovely qualities.

But Phil Heath. As soon as he opened his mouth my partner’s face popped into my head. Phil Heath is so up himself it’s either he’s way too good at playing his alter-ego body building character or he has no modesty facet in his brain. One of the other competitors claimed that his hard work would place him first, and Phil said something like ‘I’m talented. When talent works hard, there’s no beating that’.

My partner lives in his own bubble of talented, hard work. Does that make sense ? He knows he’s good, and it’s exhilarating. Why ? Because I’ve stumbled (not so eloquently- thanks social media) upon somebody who has exposed me to so many emotions that I hadn’t thought feel-able. I feel incredibly grateful for him everyday.

I’d often read that a ‘valuable’ partner is not someone you settle together for average with, but someone who makes you want to be better.


My mate Phil


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