Keep the globalisation going.

What factors and activities will make your work globalised, no matter where you live? The constraints of more traditional technologies that bound knowledge workers to the confines of time and space, is why I definitely consider myself an advocate of globalisation. “Whether the digital era improves society is up to its users – that’s us“, […]

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Leveraging off participatory culture: why you should always say YES.

Participation. Where would collective intelligence be without it? How would transmedia storytelling exist without members of the digerati extending the story? Leveraging off the strong participatory culture within the industry I work for continues to prevail as an open book for idea sourcing, understanding the demands of our market, predicting trends, and strategizing future products. […]

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YouTube = Profit?

Google describes profit as financial gain or benefit. YouTube is a forever growing platform that, over the course of the past few years has become a career pathway for some as well. Whether you’re looking for financial gain or want to broaden your business’s presence on social media via YouTube, creating an YouTube channel will undoubtedly […]

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Canva for Business!

With 50 custom dimensions to choose from; Canva is your business’ one stop shop for all things visual. From business cards, to Facebook cover photos, to Pinterest graphics; Canva stocks a wide variety of designs that are suited to any business’s visual needs. Frequently using visuals throughout your business’s social media platforms will keep your followers […]

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Insta Experience

The big bad world of Instagram didn’t seem so scary until I delved into the business side of things that come along with it. When you’re simply chronicling what I like to call ‘irrelevancies’; your daily coffee, the new restaurant you’ve tried and tested, your #OOTD (outfit of the day), your pet: people tend not […]

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